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In the News (Kids)

These books relate to events in the news during late summer 2020.

Grace for president by Kelly DiPucchio

Grace campaigns for president of her grade, but when her competition seems to have the support of all the male voters, she must use all her campaigning skills to win them over by showing that she is the best person for the job

Duck for President by Doreen Cronin

When Duck gets tired of working for Farmer Brown, his political ambition eventually leads to his being elected President

When you grow up to vote : how our government works for you by Eleanor Roosevelt

"In the voice of one of the most iconic and beloved political figures of the twentieth century comes a book on citizenship for the future voters of the twenty-first century. Eleanor Roosevelt published the original edition of When You Grow Up to Vote in 1932, the same year her husband was elected president. The new edition has updated information and back matter as well as fresh, bold art from award-winning artist Grace Lin. Beginning with government workers like firefighters and garbage collectors, and moving up through local government to the national stage, this book explains that the people in government work the voter. Fresh, contemporary, and even fun, When You Grow Up to Vote is the book parents and teachers need to talk to children about how our government is designed to work"--Publisher

Daisy and the deadly flu : a 1918 influenza survival story by Julie Gilbert

Fourteen-year-old Daisy Meyer is angry and frustrated with her world: her German American town, New Ulm, is under surveillance, her father's newspaper was forced to shut down for criticizing the United States' entry into World War I, her beloved older sister Elsie's fiancae is deployed to France, and she deeply resents her stepmother--but worse is coming, because this is October 1918, and influenza is about to descend on her home and family, and it is not certain who will survive.

The 1918 flu pandemic by Katherine E Krohn

"In graphic novel format, follows the 1918 outbreak of a mysterious influenza virus that killed millions of people worldwide, making it the deadliest pandemic in history"--Provided by publisher

John Lewis : Get to Know the Statesman Who Marched for Civil Rights by Jehan Jones-Radgowski

John Lewis knew that treating someone differently because of the color of their skin was unfair and wrong. In his early 20s, he decided to do something about it. During the struggle for equal treatment, Lewis faced many beatings and was arrested around 40 times. But he would become one of the most influential leaders in the civil rights movement.

William and Kate : the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge by Annabel Savery

This book tells the story of Prince William's life concurrently with that of his now wife, Kate Middleton. It highlights their different backgrounds and concludes with their marriage and birth of their children. The book answers questions such as, How do you become a prince? and When might William become king?

Meghan Markle by Kenny Abdo

Looks at the life and career of Meghan Markle, covering her childhood, acting resume, relationship and marriage to Prince Harry, and humanitarian efforts

Meghan Markle by Golriz Golkar

Presents the life and accomplishments of the new Duchess of Sussex.

Superheroes are everywhere by Kamala Harris

"Senator Kamala Harris's picture book memoir in which she tells her life story and shows how everyone can be a superhero"--

Be a virus warrior! : A kid's guide to keeping safe by Eloise Macgregor

As the COVID-19 pandemic has spread around the world, it's left many adults and children searching for answers about how they can stay safe. By focusing on facts presented in a relatable way rather than fear, this illustrated guide to health and safety gives children the tools they need to understand what's happening in the world and to discover how they can become a virus warrior. Facts about coronaviruses are paired with essential information about social distancing, personal hygiene, and the things we can control in uncertain times, creating a learning experience designed to reduce anxiety

What's the big deal about elections by Ruby Shamir

From ballots to bonfires, from suffrage to stumping, this kid-friendly picture book filled with fun facts and historical trivia shows why voting is so important and why America gets to call its government a body of, by, and for the people. Did you know that Election Day is on Tuesday because that was the best day for farmers to vote? Or that George Washington was our only elected president who ran unopposed? Or that Native Americans were only given the right to vote in 1924? It's all true! We hear a lot about political campaigns on the news, but there's tons to know about elections beyond the politics of each race. Who gets to vote? Who gets to run? What do elected officials do once they're in office--and what do candidates do if they lose? Why do people fight so hard for the right to vote? In this kid-friendly, fact-filled book, young readers will find out how Americans choose their leaders, local and federal, and why elections should matter to them, even if they can't vote (yet)! --Amazon.com

Your body battles a cold by Vicki Cobb

Color illustrations and photomicrographs show what happens when a human body is attacked by a cold virus

Meet Black Panther by R Busse

Introduces Black Panther, the next king of Wakanda, and describes how he fights against villains using special gadgets and a special suit made by his sister, Shuri.

President Donald Trump by Joanne Mattern

Profiles the forty-fifth president of the United States, covering his childhood, his education, his family, his careers as a real estate mogul and television star, and his election

One vote, two votes, I vote, you vote by Bonnie Worth

Rhyming text shines a light on the American election process, from explaining the basics of democracy to describing the idea of the secret ballot

Pandemic survival : it's why you're alive by Ann Love

Discusses the spread of infectious diseases and their impact on human populations, from the Black Death in medieval Europe to such modern diseases as AIDS and West Nile virues, as well as the efforts to stop the spread of these diseases

I voted : making a choice makes a difference by Mark Shulman

"With the next presidential election upon us, this witty, nonpartisan book will help explain the concept of voting to the youngest readers." -

We can vote by Ann Bonwill

"Introduces the reader on the process of voting"--

Fever year : the killer flu of 1918 : a tragedy in three acts by Don Brown

New Year's Day, 1918. America has declared war on Germany and is gathering troops to fight. But there's something coming that is deadlier than any war. When people begin to fall ill, most Americans don't suspect influenza. The flu is known to be dangerous to the very old, young, or frail. But the Spanish flu is exceptionally violent. Soon, thousands of people succumb. Then tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, and more. Graves can't be dug quickly enough. What made the influenza of 1918 so exceptionally deadly, and what can modern science help us understand about this tragic episode in history? With a journalist's discerning eye for facts and an artist's instinct for true emotion, Sibert Honor recipient Don Brown sets out to answer these questions and more in Fever Year
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