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Winter Reading Program - New Picture Books and Easy Readers (Kids)

The Winter Reading Program encourages children to read for pleasure and is for grades K-5. Check out these new picture books and easy readers that recently hit the shelves.

The magical Yet by Angela DiTerlizzi

Everyday, when learning how to do new things, it is important to keep on trying and remember there is "Yet" something else that can be done.

How to make a shark smile : how a positive mindset spreads happiness by Shawn Achor

The residents of an aquarium learn that often a smile can turn a bully into a friend.

Cheer : a book to celebrate community by Ian Aurora

"A rhyming celebration of community features a diverse cast of children who invite readers to cheer along as they honor the important contributions of people who help make communities work, from teachers and police officers to librarians and families"--

Don't feed the coos! by Jonathan Stutzman

A cautionary tale in which a little girl must find a way to escape an insatiable flock of pigeons after sharing some bread with one.

I want to be a veterinarian by Laura Driscoll

Explains what a veterinarian is and what their responsibilities are, including helping animals who are sick or hurt.

Buttercup the bigfoot by Douglas Rees

"When Willa Cathcart Wilmerding, the bravest girl in the world, is told she must stop her nightly tradition of howling at the moon, she decides to run away. High in the mountains, she meets Buttercup the Bigfoot, a friend unlike any other! Willa and Buttercup do everything together. They leap up and down the mountains, soar over mighty crevasses, and make each other crowns of flowers--but their favorite thing to do is climb a high peak and HOWL at the moon. This playful story of friendship, freedom, and ferocity will have picture book readers eager for a Bigfoot friend of their very own." -- from publisher

Jack at the zoo by Mac Barnett

Jack, Rex, and the Lady visit the zoo. But when Jack gets hungry, he sneaks into a koala's cage to steal some snacks. In a case of mistaken identity, the Lady takes the koala home and leaves Jack stuck in the cage. How will Jack escape, and will the Ladyand Rex be happier with the new Jack?

Already a butterfly : a meditation story by Julia Alvarez

A too busy butterfly who spends her day hurrying and worrying finds her own "quiet place" after learning about meditation and mindfulness from a flower bud.

Nancy's fancy heirloom by Jane O'Connor

When Nancy and her mother begin planting a vegetable garden using Grandma Margie's heirloom tomato seeds, they dig up an old time capsule buried in the garden.

Uni bakes a cake by Candice F Ransom

Uni the Unicorn helps her friend to bake and frost a cake they hope will win a contest.

I promise by Lebron James

"I Promise is a lively and inspiring picture book that reminds us that tomorrow’s success starts with the promises we make to ourselves and our community today." -- Amazon.com

Pup on the run by Elle Stephens

When Barbie and her puppy Honey get stuck in a tree, it challenges her to put aside her pride and ask others for help.

Pete the Kitty and the unicorn's missing colors by Eric Litwin

When his friend Steve the unicorn mysteriously loses all the colors from his rainbow tail, Pete the Kitty grabs his magical paint brush and joins the unicorn on a search for the missing colors.

Saturdays are for Stella by Candy Wellins

George loves spending Saturdays with his grandmother, Stella. One day, Stella is gone and George is ready to cancel Saturdays--until a new addition to the family arrives and George finds a way to honor the memories of his beloved grandmother

The unicorn came to dinner by Lauren DeStefano

"The unicorn smells nice, but she is very rude. She never waits for an invitation to come over--she walks right in and tracks heart-shaped hoof-prints across the carpet. She sits in Elizabeth's chair and makes a complete mess of the house. She even sleeps in Elizabeth's bed. But the unicorn is no ordinary unicorn..."--

Baby animals : all true and unbelievable! by Korynn Wible-Freels

Did you know that a dalmation puppy is all white when it's born? Easy to read, fun to see, and filled with amazing things, kids (even reluctant readers) will love Ripley Readers Baby Animals!

When the storm comes by Linda Ashman

Illustrations and easy-to-read, rhyming text show the many different ways in which people and animals prepare for a storm and take shelter.

Karate kids by Holly Sterling

"Join Maya and all her friends as they get together at the dojo for their Saturday karate class! There are moves to remember, blocks to practice, and punches to perfect. Maya is a white belt, which means she's still a beginner, but with focus, balance, and determination--and a little help from her friends--can she show Sensei what she's got?" -- Amazon

The shark report by Derek Anderson

After learning about sharks in school, Benny McGee is afraid to swim in the ocean but a great white shark follows him home and they quickly become friends.

The problem with problems by Rachel Rooney

In an illustrated book with rhyming text, children describe the characteristics of problems and the strategies they use to tame them.

Cat has a plan by Laura Gehl

Cat and Dog devise plans to steal a toy from one another, but Mouse comes up with a better plan.

The best pet? by Fran Manushkin

"Pedro and his dog, Peppy, are ready for the pet show. Peppy can sit and fetch on command. And he's freshly washed and ready to shine. But when they get to the pet show Peppy gets upset and ends up in the mud. Is there any way for him to become the best pet?"--

Lloyd finds his whalesong by Skylaar Amann

"Lloyd can't sing. The rhythm of the whalesong guides the whales through danger and connects them to each other. But Lloyd is too quiet to join in. If he can't sing, how can he be a part of the pod?"

Syd Hoff's Danny and the dinosaur ride a bike by Syd Hoff

Danny is inspired by a new bicycle exhibit at the museum to learn how to ride a bike, and gets help from his best friend the dinosaur.

Ways to welcome by Linda Ashman

Illustrations and easy-to-read, rhyming text show how to give a friendly welcome at school, in the neighborhood, or at home.
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