Number the stars

Lois Lowry
This Newbery Medal Book describes how a ten-year-old Danish girl's bravery is tested when her best friend is threatened by Nazis in 1943.
How far would you go for a friend? That is the question that young Annemarie must answer in this story of heroism. Annemarie seems like your typical ten year old. She loves to run around, play, and hang out with her best friend Ellen. The only problem is that it is 1943 and Annemarie lives in Denmark. There is a World War throughout Europe, a war that sees German soldiers rounding up anyone that happens to be Jewish. So, when the authorities come to take Ellen's family, Annemarie's parents decide to try to save Ellen by passing her off as one of their own children. The way that they are able to do this, while dealing with their own history of loss, is both touching and inspiring. A great work of historical fiction, Number the Stars was also the winner of the Newbery Medal.
Review by Tonya