Major League Baseball 2K9

MLB 2K9 is the latest in 2K Sports' MLB 2K series.
This is one of the best realistic baseball games ever made. One of the new features which I very much enjoyed was the was the improved "ballpark graphics". Now you can see the batter walk from the batting circle, go to the batters box and dig in. Also, after every pitch the batter will also step out do some practice swings (sometimes) while the pitcher also goes through a similar process. Also when a batter hits a home-run, or walk-off, or world series celebration, or no-hitter and perfect game the crowd reacts to that as well. If you were the away team the crowd would boo at you if you accomplished something. Another feature I also enjoyed was the card team feature. You could complete challenges and gain cards and eventually make a team. There are also different levels of cards which affect how much the player's salary on the card is. If it is a black edition card, the player's salary will consume more of your cap salary. While a platinum edition will greatly decrease their salary. So overall, this is a great game which I recommend to baseball fans everywhere.
Review by Videogamer